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 In this fast changing modern world, technology plays a key role and there is a continuous drive to produce the desired user friendly products, solve the existing problems and to fulfill or satisfy the needs and wants of the consumer.

So one needs to upgrade the existing products to the latest and advanced technology available to be on par with the fast changing modern world.

We at “SILICON POWER SYSTEMS” with continues research, try to improve the product performance, efficiency and make it more user friendly by adopting the advanced technology for the well being of our customers. We also undertake the up gradation of the existing products and convert it to the latest technology.

NOTE: In cases where up gradation is not possible we have an offer to buy back the old product and give you a new product with the latest technology at a mutually agreed price.



An UPS is a product where the electrical power is kept in reserve and use it during the power failures without any interruption. By chance if the UPS fails to deliver the reserved power during power failures the entire purpose of installing an UPS is totally waste.  

 To ensure that all your critical loads connected to the UPS works properly without any interruption during power failures, proper maintenance and periodic checkup of UPS and batteries is absolutely a necessity. As we know battery is the heart of any UPS regardless of capacity, topology or brand, it requires periodic checkup and maintenance like toping up of distilled water, maintaining of proper specific gravity studying the causes of battery degradation, 

ways to prevent degradation and avoiding untimely failures of battery. Though sealed batteries are often called maintenance free, they still require scheduled maintenance and service. 

Even UPS systems require periodic checkup of all the voltage and current parameters regularly along with batteries to ensure trouble free performance with enhanced life.  

 We at “SILICON POWER SYSTEMS” have got a separate and trained service team who are assigned to do the job of preventive maintenance by periodically checking all the UPS systems supplied by us. We along with giving preventive maintenance also guide the customer with proper solution for any kind of query & satisfy the needs & requirement of the customer at the highest level. 

 In turn we expect our customers to give us repeat orders & recommend our product to all their known ones. 



 We “Silicon Power Systems also provide UPS systems on rental basis for a long term or even a short term according to the clients requirement. Rentals of UPS is ideal for people who are looking for permanent warranty for the UPS and batteries whether they are in temporary locations or permanent locations. 


 Providing rentals to any party is solely dependant on the interests of “SILICON POWER SYSTEMS” 



Is your UPS out dated and not performing well?

Is your UPS dead and not working?

Are you not getting proper service from your existing vendor?

Do you want to purchase the latest technology UPS?

 Do not worry, we at “Silicon Power Systems” will give you our latest technology UPS backed with quality and timely service by buying back your old UPS system at a mutually agreed rate  

NOTE: The buy back price entirely depends upon the condition and technology of your existing old UPS. 



 We at “Silicon Power Systems” have highly knowledgeable people who can give you proper solution for any kind of query regarding power products and problems. Feel free to contact us any time.   



 As we all know UPS & batteries require periodic Check-up to ensure proper functioning during power failures. During warranty Period, if you face any problem in the ups system or if you require a preventive maintenance check-up, you will get it free of cost from our company by registering a service call. 


 This free service & maintenance can be availed only by those people who have purchased the products from silicon power systems. 

 After the expiry of warranty period most of the companies does not support you with preventive maintenance or proper service backup which in turn will spoil the product & reduce the life of your batteries as well as UPS. Even if some branded company’s give you service on chargeable basis, their one time service & repair charges will be equivalent to the price of a new product. 

We at silicon power systems offer you an Annual maintenance contract where in your product is maintained periodically to avoid any downtime & increase the life of your product

We have a separate team of engineers backed with latest technology software to monitor that the maintenance is carried out regularly & services given On-time. 

The price of the AMC depends upon the rating of your ups & batteries.

We also undertake AMC’s for other make of UPS systems by checking it once.

For further information or any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Note: please study the terms & conditions of AMC in download page 

Click for Terms & Conditions


Are you fed-up of finding a proper service team for your power back-up equipments?

This is because there are more than10000 people in Bangalore who only sell the products without having any technical knowledge or service backup. So ultimately you are sure to face service problems when you buy a product from a person who does not have proper service backup. 

 We “Silicon Power Systems” being one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of power products since 1998 have a huge experience behind us in solving any kind of problems from old technology to the latest technology. 

 In this competitive market where lots of new brands with attractive packages are being launched every day, still “Silicon Power Systems” is leading the market by having 100% growth year after year, is only because of our Company’s values and ethics. 

We firmly believe that our major part of success is achieved only because of our company’s interest in providing quality and timely service with proper guidance to any kind of problem. 

We have a quality service team who are trained periodically to cater the various needs of customers. 

We have proven track record of servicing, even other MAKE/ Brand ups systems & taking Annual maintenance contract (AMC) for them also since 1998, we are proud to have a list of over 10,000 customers who are already enjoying our service benefit. If you are also looking for a team like this then try us out, we are sure you will stick with us.