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Silicon Lift UPS system, is a DSP based Sine Wave UPS designed to support Lift / Elevators during utility power failure. In addition to these important loads like, stair case, parking, compound, common lighting and security systems can be run through this innovative product.


         Salient Features


  • Modern State of Art based APWM Technology using mosfets or IGBT.
  • Increased crest factor tolerance and dynamic stability thyristor based intelligent CVCC smart charger
  • Surge load capacity up to 300%
  • Silent / Noiseless operation
  • Wide Input voltage range
  • Protections like short circuit, battery low / high cut off, over load protection with all necessary indications.
  • Lifts / Elevators
  • Fire Pumps, Water pumps & other critical motorized equipments
  • Petrol / Diesel filling machines 
  • Air Conditioners, Water Coolers, Bottle Coolers, Ice Cream parlours etc.