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In the year 1998, to provide proper solutions in this industry a company was born in the name of “SILICON POWER SYSTEMS” to manufacture & supply these innovative quality products with a vision & mission to serve the mankind.

Today Silicon Power Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of power products having facility to manufacture & supply UPS systems for any kind of critical load across the country in accordance with the client’s requirement.


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What is an UPS?

UPS is the abbreviated form of Uninterrupted Power Supply.  An UPS is an electrical equipment which maintains a continuous supply of electric power to the connected equipment/load by supplying emergency power from a separate battery source during power failures.

What are the types of UPS?

There are 4 types of UPS. 1. Offline UPS 2. Inverter / Home UPS 3. Line-Interactive UPS 4. Online UPS