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In this age of globalization, power plays a major role to the entire mankind where each & every second is measured in Dollars and it is unimaginable to have a down time caused due to power failures & voltage fluctuations.

But unfortunately due to frequent & increased power fluctuations owning an UPS is must, but with lots of new brands being launched into the market with attractive packages & full of promises it is very difficult to choose the right UPS which can secure your time & money with zero downtime

Fortunately a team of young & experienced power engineers who with their continuous research & development were able to analyze the reasons for downtime caused due to power problems & they developed an innovative product that can give 100% reliable & quality power with increased protections & decreased downtime.

In the year 1998, to provide proper solutions in this industry a company was born in the name of “SILICON POWER SYSTEMS” to manufacture & supply these innovative quality products with a vision & mission to serve the mankind.

Today Silicon Power Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of power products having facility to manufacture & supply UPS systems for any kind of critical load across the country in accordance with the client’s requirement.

We dedicate our success which has arrived to us because of delivering high quality service while being responsible, flexible and innovative to our clients who have supported us by giving us repeated orders, and a huge installation base of around 10,000 units proves this fact.

With continuous research & improvisation of the product performance Silicon Power Systems is able to deliver you the right product to the right place at the right time with the right price